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Design Services

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Start-up Package

Get More Clients

Give your business a fresh new look with a timeless design that stands out against the competition. This package includes a logo and a social media icon.

Small Business Package

Propel Your Brand

Own a strong brand that stands out in the marketplace. This package includes logo design, social media icon, business card design, and stationery design. 

Corporate Package

Attract Attention

Create a compelling identity that has a lasting visual impact. This package includes logo design, social media icon, social media banners, business card design, stationery design, and a brand guide including logo variations, colors, patterns, and typography.


Media Newbie Package

Make Them Swipe Right

Use strong advertisements to get people familiar with your brand and identity. This package includes 3 social media posts.

Social Butterfly Package

Become Influential

Grow your clientele and followers with strong, familiar branding that promotes your business. This package includes 8 social media posts.

(2 posts per week for 1 month) 

Marketing Mogul Package

Dominate Social Media

Become a familiar face and a hot topic with our most exciting media package. Make sure your brand stays relevant with 16 social media posts!

(4 posts a week for 1 month)

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Motion Graphics

Compel Your Audience

Use bold and imaginative animations to advertise your business, company, event, or social media. Turn your music videos into awesome animations or lyric videos. You can also create unique gifts.


Data Visualization

Share Your Findings

Turn presentations and meetings into something more compelling using bold graphics and creative imagery to communicate your message. This is beneficial for job presentations, company packages, and publications.


Presentation Design

Convey Your Message

Deliver presentations that your boss and business partners look forward to hearing on Monday morning with a well thought out and exciting presentation. Presentations could include animations, graphics, and more creative add ons to excite your viewers. 


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Package Design

Showcase Your Product

Create dynamic packaging that reinforces your brand's values, attracts new customers, and grows your business. Packaging services range from stickers and labels to boxing. Whatever your idea, I can help.


Publication Design

Inform Your Audience

From print to publication, I can help you deliver your narrative in the most compelling way to support your product. This service is an excellent addition to business owners and companies for workshops and conventions.


Digital Illustration

Create Captivating Visuals

Use graphic illustrations to tell your brand's stories and values to your customers. Digital Illustrations can be used for social media, apparel, merchandise, and much more.


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Advertise Your Event

Use dynamic and appealing graphics to showcase your event, party, celebration, or fundraiser. We have had experience creating flyers for corporate parties, community events, and international talent.


Apparel Graphics

Show Off Your Brand

Create one of a kind merchandise or grow your own brand with trendy apparel designs. Become an entrepreneur or start your own line. You can also use apparel design services for charity events, fundraisers, family reunions, funerals, and much more.


Album Covers

Create Memorable Albums

Create one of a kind album covers using photography, collage, typography, and various other methods of production to have your album artwork that is just as amazing as your hit songs! Don't blend into the mainstream, create something new that makes you memorable. 



Design for Web

Dynamic Web Presence

Bold, smart, branding is the key to successful marketing and a dynamic web presence. You can choose from web banners, product images, advertisements, landing pages and so much more! Inquire for services not listed.


Funeral Services

Cherish Your Loved Ones

Remembering our loved ones on tees and tags should be equally as valuable as a beautiful portrait. Create funeral products that are good quality, clean, and show the best light of your loved one. Services range from tee designs, tags, videos, slideshows, and pamphlets.


Birthday Party & Special Occasions 

Celebrate Your Loved Ones

From tee designs, cakes, invitations, videos, posters, balloons, napkins, illustrations, birthday cards, party bags, have your loved ones' birthday fully customized with your special themes! Create an experience that will never be forgotten. Inquire for services not listed.


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