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Shanna Hollis

About the Designer


Featured Projects

Shanna Hollis is a Bermudian Graphic Designer. Her designs are known for their bright colour choices and bold patterns. She has created eye-catching murals on buildings, designed stylish textiles for TABS , and transformed the decor of various homes and businesses on the island. Hollis’ work is a celebration of her island, community, identity, and experiences. She was inspired to pursue a creative career by her brother Nahshon Hollis a professional Oil Painter.

Hollis completed her studies at the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2018, and her work quickly gained international recognition when Footwear News Magazine featured her fashion collection thesis ‘21 Miles.’ She has designed branding and NFTs for Grammy Award-winning artist Ashanti and won the Bermuda Society of Arts Graphic Design Showcase award in 2018.

In 2021, Hollis participated in the Masterworks 441 Exhibition, where she showcased her new graphic illustration style. The following year, she designed a commemorative mural for Flora Duffy and participated in the Forbes 30 Under 30 residency program in Bermuda. She was also invited to join the Bermuda Arts Council and became its Chair in 2023. In 2024, she participated in Bermuda’s first Bermuda Walls Mural Event and exhibited in New York City with in a mural in collaboration with Bermuda Tourism Authority "Paint the Town Pink". 

Bermuda Walls

Shanna executed a community mural in Bermuda's first Bermuda Walls Mural Event. Her mural "We All Play A Part"  highlights local games that brought the community closer as children. Her mural encourages visitors to all play together painting the mural sharing stories, backgrounds, and nationalities.



Tabs collaborated with Shanna Hollis printing her "Gotta Go Town" print across shorts, tops, towels, pillows, and much more to celebrate the island's bright and colourful nature.


Flora Duffy

Hollis' mural celebrates Bermuda's first Olympic Gold Medalist Flory Duffy in a large scale mural. This mural highlights Duffy's achievements in the triathlon and touches on growth, perseverance, and  empowerment.


Hollis designed the complete Marketing Campaign for Ashanti's NFT Launch at SXSW and partnership with Crypto Company EQ Exchange. Hollis designed her Amethyst NFT as well as rebranded her logo.


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Paint the Town Pink 

Bermuda Tourism x Dot Dash Meredith partnered with Shanna Hollis to create an island inspired mural in New York City for tourists to win a Bermuda Getaway.

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