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Rebuilding Community through Creation

Art and design is the strongest way to share backgrounds, experiences,
emotions, history, memories, language, culture, and stories

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Shanna Hollis

Community Leader in Arts & Graphics

Shanna Hollis is a Creative Director,  Designer, and Multidisciplinary Artist who lives and works in Bermuda. Her work pays tribute to her island, the community, her identity, and her experiences. Shanna was inspired to begin her creative journey at a young age by her brother Nahshon Hollis who is a professional oil painter. She later earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Maryland Institute College of Art.

Hollis’ artwork has been shown in various exhibitions in Baltimore and Bermuda, including the “BSOA Graphic Design Showcase 2018’ where she was awarded the Graphic Design Prize and two Charman Prize Exhibitions. Her Bermuda fashion collection, “21 Miles” gained international recognition in the spring of 2018 when published by Footwear News Magazine. Currently, Hollis’ work can be seen in local brands, businesses, and various gallery openings island-wide.