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We All Play A Part


Bermuda Walls

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Hollis was invited to participate in the first Bermuda Walls Event creating a collaborative mural that engages the public.

"This concept was inspired by Bermuda’s traditions of play and the saying, “It takes a village.” Bermuda is a wonderful place for kids to explore, grow, dream, and inspire. We have all sorts of fun traditions that reflect these values, like fishing in our clean blue waters, discovering crystal caves, climbing rocks along the shore, taking risks by daring the hummers to hum louder and higher, creating Banana Dolls, racing down hills and streets, exploring the beautiful trails and plants, and competing by shooting marbles. These simple games are what make our community so close-knit and they’re traditions we pass down through generations. They help us build our independence and empower us to conquer our shores and expand across the world."

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