MUNCH is a cereal campaign ran to increase the design and product quality of cereal boxes. MUNCH’s main purpose is to attract children, manufacturers, and aspiring designers with ideas of the future of cereal in the U.S.A.

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Don't Drink and Ride PSA was created by Bermudian Graphic Designer, Shanna Hollis. This PSA tells local riders not to Drink and Ride as it is an ongoing problem in Bermuda. On average there are at least two casualties a year due to lack of road safety and drunk riding.

Don't Drink and Ride


AYO! is an organization that strives to reduce the number of deaths in BDA due to criminal gun violence. We also seek to educate young Bermudians on gang prevention, gun education, and law.  

Bermuda has a high rate of deaths per year due to criminal gun violence which are mostly young black males in between 18-35 years old.

The objective of AYO! is to produce the correct services, products, campaigns, or events to help to reduce criminal gun violence in Bermuda before the problem worsens and becomes a staple to Bermudian culture.