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21 Miles is a multidisciplinary response to the challenge of assimilating into American culture. The name is derived from Bermuda’s size—the island is around twenty-one miles long, and approximately three miles wide. On this small island, individuality is celebrated and authenticity is valued. In America, however, people are stereotyped by gender, ethnicity, nationality, class, and other factors. The process of assimilation into American culture is rife with tension. 


This body of work represents the designer’s authentic self through the creation of 12 distinctive garments, which feature original graphics, patterns, and textile designs. Each garment showcases the cultural transmogrify of the designer’s identity: Bermudian design and architectural motifs, traditions, and objects mix freely with bold colors and pop art references. The viewer should experience an emergence of Bermudian identity. 

21 Miles

Swizzle is a Bermudian culture inspired brand that is based around Bermuda's most famous beverage, Rum Swizzle. Goofy, fun, and colorful illustrations are used to display funny themes and social issues in Bermuda. This brand is complete with 5 graphic tees, an embroidered hat, 5 custom comic books, and an Instagram page.


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AYO is a Bermudian themed brand that is centered around promotion of positive energy and island mannerisms. AYO stands for Violence Youth Organization.  This brand is an extension of a social design product. The wearers of AYO encourage a violence free Bermuda.