Tomorrow Land Redesign

Tomorrow Land Ticket and Hat
Tomorrowland Poster
Tomorrowland Ticket
Tomorrowland Sticker and Cup
Tomorrowland Homescreen
Tomorrowland News Screen
Tomorrowland Shopping Screen
Tomorrowland Instagram Post

This project is centered around the redesigning of Tomorrow Land's current music festival's identity. Themes portrayed in the revamped design are modern and timelessness as well as whimsicality. 

Buildin the Buzz Case
Buildin the Buzz Cover 1
Buildin the Buzz Cover 2
Buildin the Buzz Cover 3

Buildin the Buzz is an identity for the upcoming Bermudian rapper, Kavon Buzby. For the album cover design the goal was to express Bermudian identity using various themes and motifs while still incorporating the idea of building. The design of the albums were inspired by Cold Play's Album, "A head Full of Dreams."

Buildin the Buzz

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